Palma de Mallorca memories


A little over a year ago, I was landing on the Balearic Islands, escaping from the long Berlin winter (just like the Germans). Who would have thought then that a year later we would go through a pandemic?

With this short post I just intend to show you these nice memories of Palma de Mallorca hoping to feed your wanderlust 🙂

What destinations would you like to visit once the current situation gets better?







Hace poco más de un año aterrizaba en las Islas Baleares escapando, como los alemanes, del largo invierno berlinés ¿quién iba a pensar entonces que un año más tarde viviríamos una pandemia? 

Con esta corta publicación tan solo os quiero dejar estos recuerdos que guardo de Palma de Mallorca, con la esperanza de que aviven vuestras ganas de viajar 🙂

¿Qué destinos os gustaría visitar una vez que mejoré la situación actual?


25 comentarios sobre “Palma de Mallorca memories

  1. What a differnce a year makes. As for me, i am looking to retire at the end of this year and don’t intend to waste a minute of my time. I’m looking to go visit a friend in Sydney in 2 years and am looking to go anywhere different. Travel is my future. Stay safe my friend.

    Me gusta

  2. What a coincidence! This time last year I too was in Palma de Mallorca. This year I should’ve been in Lisbon. Instead I’ll spend the rest of the year on home soil (France) and may venture to neighbouring countries next year by car. It’ll be 2022 before I consider flying anywhere.

    Me gusta

      1. I did enjoy Palma though we can’t go anywhere at the moment. I’ll probably stay within France’s borders this year, maybe straying into France and Spain next year.

        Me gusta

  3. Beautiful photos! I think Hawaii and Mexico are my dream destinations, places I would love to visit as soon as the situation gets better. However, our next trip will probably take us to the neighboring Laos. That’s a more realistic plan.

    Me gusta

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